Sunday, 5 June 2016

Well a lot has happened since I was last here but the hardest was the loss of my husband John. John died on 26th April, 2016 around 3.45p.m. at Blacktown Hospital. John had suffered for around a week but the last two days he was free of pain. He died with our son holding him and with most of the family there. The doctors and staff at Blacktown Hospital were amazing and very compassionate. John's Funeral and cremation we held on 5th June at Good Shepherd Parish Church and Pinegrove Cemetry. He had a wonderful send off with a great number in attendance. He will be remembered fondly by his Family and Friends.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Our Gorgeous Great Grandson - Hunter

It was a great delight for us to become great grandparents in November. Then in December to celebrate with him and his parents as well as his other great grandparent.

Friday, 4 January 2013

The year ahead.

     Well 2013 has dawned with lots of hot weather here in Western Sydney. We had a lovely christmas with family and friends and our newest addition to the family, Hunter, all of six weeks of age.

     The year ahead has heaps in it and will prove to be a little daunting no doubt. Frances heads off for another operation in January and Coral continues to recuperate after her cancer scares. My knee continues to improve and with a little more therapy I should be on the right road to a full recovery.

      I will put up some photos that are self explanatory and hope you enjoy.

This is little elf man 2012.

This photo is of Nora and Hunter on Christmas Day 2012.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mark and Deb's Day

It was with great pleasure that we attended the marriage of our second son, Mark to the beautiful Deb at Orange on the 22nd September, 2012. The day was beautiful, the ceremony was lovely and the reception was down to earth and lovely. Thanks to all the people that attended they had a very nice day.

Lots of craft

      Have been doing heaps of craft over the last couple of months. It is so relaxing and rewarding to realise the I can do these things. I hope you enjoy all the items that I have made whether it be knitting, crocheting or quilting. These are just two I have heaps more to download today. I have just found what I was looking for so here goes.

I still have a long way to go on this project as I keep running out of yarn but I thought it would be good to see a progression.

I love making the edges on face cloths, as I have been making them since I was a child. The different edges are what I try to achieve.

This is the first quilt I have endeavoured to make in a quilting class. I am so happy with this new project and will continue to quilt. I have made other items since. This quilt still needs its edges done.
I loved doing this project and now it has a lovely red border as well. So easy to make once you have the instructions. Thank you to the lovely ladies at Hobbysew - Kings Park.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

More crocheting

This blanket has been made for Wraps With Love Inc. These blankets are sent overseas and to the remote areas of Australia for people needing warmth during their cold seasons. All the wraps are donated by the knitters.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Whilst awaiting the birth of our first great grandchild I decided I would knit and crochet for the arrival. I am pleased with what I have achieved. It has been so long since I knitted something so small.